Our ninth annual event — themed "The Radically Inclusive Future of Work" — will be completely digital and more accessible and actionable than ever.

WHEN: July 27-29, 2020
WHERE: Everywhere

The future of work starts now.

Though we’ve been craving a modern work makeover for years, it took a global pandemic and screaming inequity to force us to truly evaluate what’s not working for the modern workforce. So while we adjust to a WFH reality, and confront structural racism in our own companies, we’re getting the opportunity to rethink everything—and turn this time of crisis into the ultimate culture accelerant.

3% invites you co-create a radically inclusive future of work with:

  • A highly-accessible, entirely online event.
  • Earlier dates to meet this moment with the urgency it demands.
  • An engaging blend of live and pre-recorded keynotes, panels, masterclasses, audience-interactive research and entertainment to keep you immersed from home.
  • 25+ amazing ON DEMAND sessions that you can enjoy at your own pace and leisure in the 3% Studio.
  • Chat features to connect with speakers and the 3% community.
  • Inclusive pricing — Just $99 to attend ($33 a day!).
  • FREE student tickets underwritten by Adobe, with access to bonus content developed especially for them.
  • Programming you can continue to revisit and share for the remainder of the year.

Work that works for all of us.

We’re calling in a whole new era of possibilities, equity and inclusion by shaping a future of work where leaders and workplaces are emphatically anti-racist, creativity from by and for women, BIPOC and the LGBTQIA is integral to business success, wellness is built into culture and conversation and WFH is just... work. How do we make this radically inclusive “new normal” a reality? We can start by embracing:

A chorus of voices have been asking to work where, when and how they choose for years. Driven by a global Pandemic, companies have been thrust into remote work scenarios discovering upsides of increased productivity, saved commute time, and lower office costs — while recognizing our need for togetherness as social creatures in a collision business. How will the future of work free us to balance the two?

Once-taboo topics like loneliness, grief and mental health are increasingly being normalized—and seen as central to employee longevity, productivity and belonging. Everyday practices to manage stress and combat burnout are finding their ways into company rituals for the betterment of all.

It doesn’t matter how high a leader's IQ is, if she's emotionally unskilled. Leaders with finely tuned EQ can truly see individual employees for who they are and what they're feeling. Being able to lead with empathy, and manage through team dynamics, racial and social injustices, and ambiguous world realities is key to 21st Century leadership.

Now that we're living longer than ever, five generations are working alongside one another, with 25% of the workforce soon to be over the age of 55. What does it take to embrace and optimize this abundance of perspectives? Avoiding stereotypes, using curiosity to manage through conflict, and recognizing age diversity for what it truly offers us: a business boon.

Culture is the new creativity.

When people have true psychological safety, and workplaces better honor how/where/when they want to work, belonging and creativity explode. Hear from people who have been envisioning this powerful transformation—and learn how to make it happen.

In engaging large and small formats, learn from HR directors, futurists, automation experts, anti-racist activists, aging experts, architects and more — all answering these key questions:

  • What’s happening right now?
  • What might happen next?
  • What exciting creative opportunities does this open up?

Want to do right by your people, clients and society at large? Join us.

For years, companies have held lotteries to decide who “gets” to attend the 3% Conference. Now, at just $99 a ticket (and no airfare, hotel or per diem) you can afford to send everyone—and give your company a front row seat to the future of work.

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